Pokéisms https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/ Pokéisms The Blue Oak Theory *Sheds tear* https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185012255 185012255 The Nuzlocke Challenge A legend is born... https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185013185 185013185 FireRed: Hard Mode (#6) From the creator of the Nuzlocke Challenge, a taste of one of his old comics Pokémon FireRed: Hard Mode. https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185012620 185012620 A Working Formula Gen. IV being the obvious exception. https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185041713 185041713 5/7/14 The world's reaction upon hearing about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire... https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185042113 185042113 Life The accuracy is amazing... (Except the last part, I'm guessing) https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185042615 185042615 Generation IV-V All right, that's it! I've had enough! CHARIZARD, MEGA EVOLVE! What'cha gonna do now, Gigalith? Got something to say, Steelix? How about you, Golem? https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=185235041 185235041 Unbreakable Bonds (VG Cats guest comic) I had the exact same problem. I just kept Lucario along with the other two. Now my team is unbeatable. >:D https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186550970 186550970 Prepare for Trouble (#252) Just... I'm just so tired of Team Rocket. They used to be enjoyable antagonists, but it's the same thing... every episode. If you were to kill them off, NOBODY WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT. I would cheer. And is it just me, or are they rhyming a lot lately? https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187166776 187166776 Whitney's Strategy We're gonna need a lot of Super Potions... https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=188019456 188019456 A Most Sacred Tablet Never forget... https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=190007366 190007366 How Poké Balls Work... Maybe. From the webcomic Pokémon-X (based on Ruby & Sapphire, not the game X). Just for the record, they're talking about X Accuracy in the beginning. https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=192238911 192238911 The Talk (VG Cats #325: Awareness. Seriously, visit the website. It's hilarious.) Where's Nidoking to give her HM01? https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=192891473 192891473 Hypocrisy I don't know how to argue with Brendan about this. https://totkr.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=194909738 194909738