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Kalos Style: Boutique Couture

Posted on October 21, 2013 at 10:40 PM

          Do you have fashion with a mad passion? OF COURSE YOU DO! But sadly, you don't, not according to that annoying lady at the door of Boutique Couture in Lumiose City anyway. If you're like most people, you've probably already gone bald from tearing your hair out because she won't let you in--but rest assured I bear the keys to the kingdom my friend...the draining kingdom that is Boutique Couture. Most think to get in you need stylish clothes, or have reached a certain point in a game--but you don't, though as things in Boutique Couture seem to have a price floor at 80,000 Poke, and ceiling of 200,000 Poke, it would be useful to have a fat wallet, or purse.

          Getting in Boutique Couture really isn't that hard, in fact, all you need is the guide, luckily the internet has already taken liberty of scanning and uploading how to max out your style so you don't have to spend 20 bucks just for one issue.

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Reply Thunderbolt777
4:42 PM on November 4, 2013 
I've gotten every reward but the final O-Power and only have to go eat at that one Sushi High Roller place. Screw that place, they're not letting me in despite my extremely sexy Champion title.
Reply Dark_Dominus_PokemonY
3:06 PM on December 15, 2013 
LOL, I have Legitness. I be popping on those fedoras